Sewer Camera Robot, 360 Rotation 512Hz Location Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Crawler Robot System

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Product Name: Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot Model: WR030 Control: WIFI Connection, Tablet Control Cable: 60M (Optional: 120m) Camera: Front and Rear Dual Cameras (Front: Horizontal 360° + Vertical 180° Rotation)Camera Height : 200mm to...


SKU: WR030

Category: Long Range Sewer Camera, Robot

Length: 120M/393ft
Style: 512hz Signal and Receiver
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Product Name: Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot

Model: WR030

Control: WIFI Connection, Tablet Control

Cable: 60M (Optional: 120m)

Camera: Front and Rear Dual Cameras (Front: Horizontal 360° + Vertical 180° Rotation)
Camera Height : 200mm to 370 mm

Resolution: Front Camera: 2MP HD, Rear Camera: 2MP HD

Light: 40W, Front Camera ( 6pcs LED Lights), Rear Camera(2pcs LED Lights)
Brightness Adjustable

Power: Four-Wheel Drive, Powerful (15-25m/min.); Low, Medium and High-Speed Adjustment Functions: Meter Counter, DVR

Size / Weight: Cable Frame: 400*440*300mm/15.8KG(60m Cable); Crawling Vehicle: 520*210*200mm/9.8 KG

Material High Strength Alloy Material
Motoring  Mode Four-wheel Motoring
Moving Mode Four-wheel Crawling
Speed 2-25 meters/min, Three adjustable speeds
Motor Power 100W
Camera Pixel 2 Megapixel
Lens Rotation Angle Infinite 360-degree uniform rotation
Lens Flip Angle 190 Degrees
The Lens Material Alloy Steel
Light Power 40W
Front Camera Lighting Source 4 primary camera lights, 2 secondary camera lights
Backward Camera Light Source 2 camera lights
Waterproof IP68
Size 522.5mm*212mm*198.5mm / 20.5in*8.35in*7.8in
Weight 9.8KG

Professional-grade Low-Light Cameras with High-Definition Capabilities

This robot has front and rear 2-megapixel cameras that produce clear and detailed visuals in low-light conditions. Its front camera can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and adjust 90 degrees vertically for optimal viewing angles.

Support for 512Hz Transmitter Signal

This robot has a 512Hz signal and receiver for precise tracking in underground pipes. Detect and locate pipeline positions accurately.

Motor-Driven Wheels, Non-Skid Tires

The Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot has non-skid tires for stable navigation on wet and slippery surfaces. Easily adjust the driving speed among three levels - high, medium, and low - to match your specific inspection task requirements.

Simplified Wire Winding

This all-metal winch has an automatic wire winding function and a meter count function to track driving distance. It also has a durable cable for reliable performance in tough environments.

Capture Moments with a User-Friendly Interface

The robot includes a pre-installed software tablet for easy operation and navigation during inspections. It also has a DVR function for documenting and recording findings for future use.

sewer camera robot

The front camera can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and ±90 degrees vertically.

  • The Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot features 2-megapixel cameras at the front and rear, providing precise visuals of the pipeline's interior. With 360-degree rotation, the front camera offers a versatile view of the surrounding environment during inspections or explorations.
  • The Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot has a 360-degree rotation function on its front camera, allowing for comprehensive image and video capture from multiple angles. This advanced feature ensures thorough evaluation of pipeline conditions, detecting potential problems like cracks, blockages, and leaks. The flexible rotation also enables smooth navigation around corners and bends, ensuring a complete assessment of the pipeline's state.
  • The high-resolution cameras deliver superior image quality, allowing for precise detection of any pipeline irregularities. This enables accurate assessment of the pipeline's condition and informed decision-making for repairs or maintenance.
  • Utilizing both front and rear cameras, along with the front camera's 360-degree rotation, this sewer pipe inspection robot is equipped to thoroughly assess and ensure the efficient operation and safety of pipeline systems through image capture and video recording capabilities.
8 Powerful Lights ( 6 Front and 2 Rear)

8 Powerful Lights (6 Front and 2 Rear)

The Lens can be Adjusted Vertically by ±90 Degrees.

The Lens can be Adjusted Vertically by ±90 Degrees.

Powerful Four-wheel Drive

Powerful Four-wheel Drive

Capable of Withstanding Full-Body Washing

Capable of Withstanding Full-Body Washing

pipeline robot
There are two versions of the pipeline robot available to meet different needs. One version has a 512Hz locator and receiver, while the other version does not. This design allows users to select the appropriate version to suit their specific requirements.

The 512Hz version of the locator and receiver greatly improves functionality by precisely positioning and tracking the robot as it moves through the pipeline. With the ability to emit signals at a specific frequency, the 512Hz locator enables users to accurately locate and trace the robot's path. These signals are received and interpreted by the receiver, providing valuable information on the robot's position.
For users who do not need advanced positioning capabilities, the version without the 512Hz locator and receiver provides a streamlined option. This version is ideal for tasks where precise location tracking is not needed, or when users have other methods for determining the robot's position.

The pipeline robot offers two versions, providing users with flexibility and choice to select the configuration that suits their specific needs and budget. This allows for optimal customization and cost-efficiency.
High Load-Bearing Capacity, able to Withstand Significant Pressure.

High Load-Bearing Capacity, able to Withstand Significant Pressure.

Easily Maneuver Over Obstacles

Easily Maneuver Over Obstacles

Fearless in Slippery Environments

Fearless in Slippery Environments

Meter Counter

Meter Counter
The control terminal of the pipeline robot includes a tablet computer with a distance display feature. This allows users to easily track and measure the robot's distance within the pipeline in real-time. By accurately monitoring the robot's movement and position, operators can better control operations and gather important data for assessing progress during pipeline inspections or maintenance tasks.

The pipeline robot has a multitude of uses in different fields and industries.

The pipeline robot has a multitude of uses in different fields and industries.

This product is suitable for a variety of uses, showcasing its versatility.

The advanced imaging technology of the sewer camera robot provides crystal-clear and high-resolution visuals, allowing for thorough inspections and monitoring. Its detailed and sharp images accurately capture the interior of pipelines, making it a useful tool for sewer inspections, drainage system maintenance, industrial pipeline monitoring, construction projects, plumbing inspections, and more.
Pipe Crawler Sewer Inspection Robot

Sewer Camera Robot

Packing list
  1. All-metal Crawling Robot
  2. Automatic Wire Winding Bracket
  3. Tablet Control Terminal
  4. Headphones and Charging Cable
  5. 512hz Signal Transmitter (Version with Locator)
  6. 512 Signal Receiver (Version with Locator)
  • Model Number: WR030
  • Cable length: 60-120 meters
  • Control: remote control
  • Light Power: 40W
  • Power Supply: 110V-220V
Pipe Crawler Sewer Inspection Robot
Packing size
  • 25*23*20in(64*58*50cm)
  • Shipping Weight:84lb(38KG)
  • Wire frame weight: 35lb(15.8KG)
  • Maintenance: 1 Year
  • Shipping Time: 7 days after receiving the order.

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