The official website product is covered with INSCAMERA product warranty for 12 months from the date of its original purchase. The sales receipt from the first consumer purchase, or other reasonable documentary proof, is required in order to establish the start date of the warranty period. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

If any problems occur, please contact email at

Limited Warranty

INSCAMERA only provides one-year warranty service for the purchase of the entire sewer camera (excluding batteries). Orders that only purchase accessories (such as camera head, connecting cables) separately do not provide warranty service.

For Quality issues only. This warranty is limited to defective parts or workmanship of the camera. During the warranty period, if the original manufacture of the material or workmanship of the product is deemed to be defective, INSCAMERA will (at its sole option) replace the product at no charge with the same or comparable product.

This warranty does not cover battery chargers not supplied by INSCAMERA at the time of purchase. Warranty coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the product.


INSCAMERA's warranty does not apply to:

  • Any damages unrelated to manufacturing defects.
  • Any unsuitable environment or use of the product in INSCAMERA’s opinion.
  • Any product which has been modified without official permission from INSCAMERA
  • Any product purchased through a third-party retailer or reseller who is not an authorized INSCAMERA dealer.
  • Limited to Original Consumer Buyer

The warranty on INSCAMERA's product is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable to any subsequent owner.

  • Damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature.
  • Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by INSCAMERA.
  • INSCAMERA's warranty does not apply to the battery

Process for Returning Merchandise

Step 1:

Please contact us by email at, let us know your problem, and confirm the solution.

Step 2:

Take a picture of what you shipped and send it to us, as well as the tracking number. The maintenance fee depends on whether it is within the warranty. (please check the Warranty coverage)

Step 3:

We confirm the goods were returned and checked the problem. Please also email us your specific contact details (name, cell phone number, detail address, ZIP code).

Step 4:

We will send the goods back to you.

Thank You For Your Cooperation!

Shipping costs

The customer shall bear the cost of shipping the product to INSCAMERA and INSCAMERA shall bear the cost of shipping the product back to the customer after the completion of service under this limited warranty.

Any product returned to INSCAMERA without after-sales customer service return authorization or proof of purchase will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

Once you receive the camera, take it out of the packaging and plug it into an AC outlet and fully charge the battery. Read the operator's manual and follow all instructions.

If you have any questions, please let us know by mail: