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Underwater Scooter For Children And Adults With Action Camera Mount, Swimming Booster Equipment Waterproof For Diving, Swimming Pool Underwater Scooter For Children And Adults With Action Camera Mount, Swimming Booster Equipment Waterproof For Diving, Swimming Pool
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$4,372.00 $5,457.00
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Underwater Booster Deep Temperature Display Underwater Recoding Easy Dive 2.8 Inch Monitor Underwater Propeller, Normal Speed: 200W, High Speed: 480W, Can Be equipped with action cameras. Product Name: Underwater Scooter Mo...
Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot
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Product Name: Robotic Pool Cleaner Model: WR050(Black/White) Intelligent Driving: Automatic Route Planning without Manual Supervision Automatically Approach the Swimming Pool after Cleaning Work Motivation:Brushed Powerfu...
Sewer Camera Robot, 360 Rotation 512Hz Location Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Crawler Robot System Sewer Camera Robot, 360 Rotation 512Hz Location Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Crawler Robot System
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Product Name: Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Robot Model: WR030 Control: WIFI Connection, Tablet Control Cable: 60M (Optional: 120m) Camera: Front and Rear Dual Cameras (Front: Horizontal 360° + Vertical 180° Rotation)Camera Heig...
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Robot: Pipe Robot, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Underwater Drone & Scooter

Pipe Inspection Crawler Robot

Numerous industries, such as wastewater management, oil and gas, and councils, rely heavily on maintaining underground pipelines. Any issues with these pipelines can lead to major disruptions and potential threats to public safety and the environment. However, with the advancements of modern technology, pipeline inspection and maintenance has greatly improved. A pipe crawler or robot inspection camera is an essential resource for effectively inspecting and maintaining pipelines.

A self-propelled waterproof pipe crawler inspection camera is a specialized device for visually examining mainline sewer pipes. Unlike a push camera, it is specifically designed for larger diameter pipes, making it efficient in detecting leaks and flaws with precision, thus reducing time and cost.

Robot cameras have various uses, including inspecting mainline and sewer pipelines. However, their adaptability allows them to be utilized in many other fields, easily accessing enclosed and difficult-to-reach areas. Industries such as mining, building inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems rely on robot cameras to access narrow spaces with low-clearance requirements.

Pipe crawlers and robot inspection cameras are essential tools in various industries, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and precision compared to traditional inspection techniques.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Discover a wide selection of budget-friendly and efficient Robotic Pool Cleaners at Inscamera. Our expertly chosen robotic pool cleaners are designed for different pool sizes, shapes, and surface types, and effectively remove all types of debris. Choose from a variety of pool surfaces such as gunite, plaster, vinyl, fiberglass, tile, and aggregate.

Underwater Scooter

Streamline and simplify your recording experience with a user-friendly, symmetrical design. Our universal interface is compatible with most sports cameras, making it easy to capture a direct view of everything underwater. Keep your kids entertained with this powerful pool tool that will also promote social-distancing during this special time.

Optimize your underwater exploration with a compact, energy-packed device weighing only 3.5kgs. Easily transport this powerful tool while travelling, utilizing double thrusters to release 8kgf thrust and discover the mysteries of the sea.

Expertly designed for safe and convenient usage, featuring a floater for precise buoyancy and propellers protected by a safety net to prevent potential finger injuries.

Inscamera underwater scooter is equipped with a sealed and rechargeable 11000hAm battery, providing a 30 minute run time under normal usage. Its working depth reaches a maximum of 40m, with a top speed of 3.35 miles/hour.

Underwater Drone, Underwater ROV

Underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are typically very maneuverable, resembling tethered drones. While varying in size, smaller ROVs have gained popularity in recent years. These devices are utilized across numerous industries, such as Search and Rescue, Military, Recreation and Discovery, Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Oil, Gas, Offshore Energy, Shipping, Submerged Infrastructure, and more. They provide operators with the ability to gather photo and video footage, allowing for inspections and monitoring of ports, harbors, vessels, and enabling advancements in pipe inspections, locating underwater targets, and exploring the depths of our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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